Paint Party Friday

Here is my hummingbird done in water soluble oils. It took some getting used to, because I found the paints didn’t stay fluid as long as regular oils. After reading entries online, I learned that most artists using this medium extend it with linseed, safflower or other oil, not water. Once I did that I found I could add regular oil paint to the mixture with pretty much success.


The sunrise canvas is a WIP. I will show the finished product next week, I hope. This is my entry for Paint Party Friday.

Because it is cumbersome to comment on Blogspot artists’ blogs, I am switching over to my Blogspot blog for my future Paint Party Friday entries. Today I am posting on both blogs.



This week I decided to see if I could get back into painting with oils. It has been years and years since my last foray into this field and all my tubes were twisted and dried out. So I got a beginner’s set of water-soluble oils. If this works out I will graduate to more professional grade paints. Here is my small canvas that I have started. I hope to have it finished by next week. This is my entry for Paint Party Friday. If you haven’t visited there before, you have a real treat in store. I always enjoy seeing what exciting works are being produced.

Flowers in Blue Bowl

I often can’t get any ideas on what to paint or draw. Starting with this bowl of flowers, I think I will do flower arrangements for a while. I have a photo book of floral designs I have made in past years and will use them for inspiration.